In my 7 years at Riot Games I had the unique and rare opportunity of working as the sole illustrator and artist on their very first boardgame - Mechs vs Minions,  and as a senior concept artist on Consumer Products (Merch). As a toy collector the chance to work physical products like figures, statues and collectibles was a truly enjoyable, fulfilling and educational endeavor. Both Mechs vs Minions and Consumer Products afforded me the opportunity to expand my skill set even further and work with some of the most creative and talented artists in the industry.

Below are just a few samples of my contributions to the Merch team - we did A LOT of stuff!

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Riot Games - Merch
Mechs vs. Minions
Tellstones was Riot's second board game - a much smaller game with a faster production turnaround time.
We did a lot of exploration and iteration on play pieces and iconography. Since the game was part memory game the pieces had to be simplified down to remove any distinct features that might offer clues as to what piece was what. Designed by Mechs vs Minions creator Chris Cantrell. Game pieces, game mat and iconography designed by me - all other illustration and instruction design were outsourced.

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